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Unfortunately, at some point in our lives, we are all faced with the task of having to choose a memorial for a departed loved one. We understand that every memorial is unique, so we aim to work closely with you to ensure we meet the needs and requirements of all the family. When you and your family look through our brochure, you will find a vast selection of memorials. Most of our memorials can be made in a wide selection of granites and natural stones that come in a variety of colours. Should you wish to design your own memorial, we have experienced craftsmen that will help you work to your own specification.

We deliver a caring, compassionate and understanding service and firmly believe that our 119 years of stonemasonry experience passed for generation to generation, guidance and attention to detail are completely unrivalled in our field. A member of our family team will talk to you comfortable surroundings and instantly aim put you at ease with our welcoming service that allows you to express your own ideas in a relaxed manner. We will discuss a full range of suitable options to help you find memorials best suited to your individual requirements. Ultimately, the decision will always remain in your hands however we will always offer you our best advice.

After you decide on the design and inscription you would like, we create a design proof for you to check where alterations, if any, can be made.

Our showroom is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and weekends or evening by appointment. We also offer a home visiting service when needed and all estimations are free.

Choosing a memorial:

When choosing a memorial, there are certain regulations which need to be considered. For cemeteries on the most part, all types of stone/granite are allowed, however the memorial will need to comply with the cemeteries regulations on size.

For churchyard memorials, only stone which is sympathetic to the surroundings is permitted. The memorial would also need to comply with the churchyard authorities regulations on size, colour and material.

As a memorial is a monument to a persons life, it is very important to choose the memorial carefully, with consideration paid to more than time and cost. Hasty decisions made in distress may result in later regrets, so it is sensible to wait and spend more time on selecting suitable designs for a memorial. You may also like to think about adding personal touches to your memorial, this could include a etched or blasted reminder of a favorite hobby or even a porcelain or etched portrait.

All our etchings are completed by hand for a more personal touch.

Applying for a permit:

Memorials may not be erected in any cemetery without applying first for permission from the necessary authority. We would then make the application for you on your behalf as part of our service. We must ensure however that the signature obtained is that of the registered owner only otherwise the permit will be returned unapproved which may delay the final completion date of the memorial.

Responsibility and maintenance:

The responsibility and maintenance of your memorial is yours and not the stone masons or cemeteries management. Should it become unsafe, certain steps may be taken to lay it down or remove it. You can enquire us about any advise you may need and we can help ensure the best solutions. We also offer cleaning and repair services.


BRAMM registered- for your peace of mind, we are BRAMM (British register of accredited memorial masons) registered company. We comply with their British standards as laid out in their regulations and codes of practise.


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