Although a majority of our services are catered for providing newly crafted memorials for cemetery use, our skilled stonemasons have the ability to craft bespoke memorials and gift ideas. They can be used in the home and garden to express any mile stone we pass in our lives.

There are no limits to the as to the ideas our stonemasons can lovingly create. We can also provide a truly bespoke etching service, perfect for capturing a photo like memory. J.H & T.P Duncan can offer the following services and many more:


Over time our weather conditions can have a hostile effect on the condition of granite and marble memorials. A range of natural stones and those that are especially porous, can become marked, discoloured, weathered and dirty. Inscriptions can also fade, lead letters may fallout and will require re- gilding, repainting or re-cutting.

We can offer a full renovation service that includes repair work, re-levelling, cleaning, resurfacing, re-gilding and the repainting or re-cutting of inscriptions.

Additional inscriptions:

At J.H & T.P Duncan we have experienced stonemasons have the ability to add perfectly matching letters to any existing inscriptions on your memorial. In most instances we carry out the works on site unless the memorial is unsafe and needs to be removed.

New memorials:

Over six generations we have carefully designed and crafted a wide range of memorials and services to give our customers the opportunity to mark their remembrance with love and care. We understand that your memorials should be built with choice in mind. We are here to help you make exactly the right decision and offer memorials in a variety of colours, designs and finishes with traditional or contemporary influences with a truly bespoke service. We never forget just how important a part your memorials will play in helping revive beautiful memories of your loved ones. Our bespoke services are flexible enough to allow you the chance to set those memories in stone for an eternity. We offer a stunning selection of headstones, book memorials and traditional full kerbed memorials which can be tailored to your needs.

These are some of our artwork proofs designed to bespoke artwork needs.

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