Monumental Mason Sign

Great-grandad and Grandad business history: Great-grandad “Jack” Harold Snook was born in 1903 and started working as a mason in approximately 1917. He first learnt the skills of letter cutting from his father George Snook at a stonemasons (B Levy and Sons) in Whitechapel. At the Rabbits roundabout in Manor Park Snook Brother Masonry Company was formed by Jack Snook and his brother in 1941 but closed shortly after as the brother were called into the army. In 1946 Jack Snook started working at J.H & T.P Duncan and later brought the business in 1952, running the business in its entirety.

Grandad Michael Snook started working at J.H & T.P Duncan in 1946 as a letter cutters apprentice. In 1950 Michael went into the air force and didn’t return to work until 1952. He later became a director of J.H & T.P Duncan with his brother John Snook in 1970- Michael Snook completed the fixing and John Snook completed the renovation works.

Office Team

Sophie Snook Headshot

Sophie Snook

Over 10 years’ experience designing and providing beautiful memorials. Hand etched designs are her forte and are crafted to portray a true likeness of a passed loved one.

Sadie Snook Headshot

Sadie Snook

with over 5 years’ experience in both sourcing and the sale of granite. Sadie is a wonderful addition to the team.

Phoebe Snook Headshot

Phoebe Snook

has several years of experience assisting with the co-ordination and administration of the company.

Amelia Snook Headshot

Amelia Snook